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It started decades ago with a passion for printed layout design. With time, our passion grew and expanded into the frontier of web design. With years of experience behind us, we started this business to pursue our passion to provide beautiful design with excellent customer service and support. As a Woman-Owned and Woman-Led business, we especially love the excitement of designing for new businesses and the honor of helping women-led businesses grow their businesses with beautiful websites. We are here for you. Your business is our business.


Megan Dunn

Chief Executive Officer
Director of Design

Nothing is more important to Megan than her family, but a close second is her passion for people, design and excellence. It all started in 1999. Megan was selected to be Editor-in-Chief of her high school gifted magazine. Under the excellent tutelage of her gifted English teacher, Megan began to learn how to use Adobe to create beautiful page layouts. She carried on this passion after college, when she began designing wedding invitations for an upscale boutique in Pensacola, Florida. Years later she continued to develop this curated talent for print media by expanding into web design. She worked under a mentor for several years, before branching out to start her own design agency. Named after the charming town she now calls home with her husband and three children, Tryon Creative is the pinnacle of these experiences. Built on years of practice, precision and passion, Tryon Creative is here to help you design your legacy.

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