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We believe beautiful websites bring joy.
We believe beautiful websites bring people closer together.
We believe beautiful websites grow businesses and reach more people.
We believe in the power of design.



What is a Page Builder?

You may have heard of it. Even if you haven't, you've almost certainly used it. Almost half the sites that you visit are built on it, but what exactly is WordPress? WordPress is a FREE open-source content management system (CMS) built on PHP and MySQL. Wait, what? Basically, it's the house where your site builds its home. It's where you store your theme and your page builder and every little architectural detail about your site. WordPress powers the backend of your site. It's the place where you go to design your site, install and update your plugins, make all of your edits, post your blogs, and manage your eCommerce. And the list goes on. It's a powerful tool that can support beautiful design.



What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is basically a group of files including graphics, code and stylesheets that work together to create the overall design of your site. Astra is a well-known and highly customizable WordPress theme that works seamlessly with Beaver Builder. If WordPress was a house, Astra would be the "good bones" of your site.

Beaver Builder


What is a Page Builder?

If WordPress was a house, Beaver Builder would be your interior design. It may have a funny name, but we believe Beaver Builder is the best page builder on the market. It's a great tool for developers, but we especially love it because it's easy for our clients to learn to make quick, simple edits on their sites independently. With every site design, we provide video tutorials on how to edit and manage your site so you can take as little or as much control as you would like. That's the power of Beaver Builder.


Everything Else

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Every site is like a garden. It's beautiful to look at, but there's a lot working behind the scenes. Just like no two gardens are truly the same, every site is different and has its own set of needs. We have the tools and experience to set up the site that's right for you and your vision. Explore below to learn more about some of our frequently asked questions. Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message.

A beautiful website, like a garden, takes time. And, much like a garden, a lot goes into building it. The time it takes depends on many factors, but it centers on content. Is your content already prepared? Or will you need to develop it before starting the design process? Do you need copywriting assistance? These questions all play a role in the time it takes to cross that finish line. A 200-page website will take more time than a 20-page website. Our streamlined process is designed to make content submissions fast and easy, so we can design as efficiently as possible. To learn more about our design process and expedited site design options, click here.

We love our site design because it's so easy to use. We provide the tutorials you need to edit your site as part of your design process. But not everyone wants to be hands-on with the day-to-day maintenance of a website. We offer service plans for hosting and maintenance which can be viewed here.

You bet! We maintain our own private server that runs on Digital Ocean's robust infrastructure. Our server is scalable so if you go viral on Black Friday then we've got you covered. You can view our premium support and hosting plans here.

We prefer Gravity Forms, but we have experience in all the ones out there. We provide a free Gravity Forms license with every site design. We highly recommend Gravity Forms.

We can do that, too. We prefer WooCommerce.

Yes! We will connect your email marketing software as part of your site design process. We have experience with all the big dogs such as MailChimp and Constant Contact as well as Bloomerang and many others. 

Yes! We will connect your payment software as part of your site design process. 

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